rainbowxunicorn asked: It's just the same with Sansa. "She's so naive and whiny that's why I can't like her" Oh please, Tyrion is so naive he believes Catelyn on her word and on top of that he believes the people he pays are his friends. But that doesn't stop anyone from loving him. Urgh Sansa and Catelyn haters burn in your own judgement.

I mean, I think Sansa’s naivete is on a different level than a lot of the other characters (though I think Bran is pretty comparable!) but, dude, she’s a young child XD And yes you can find kids her age who are less naive, but so what? I honestly believe that it’s because Sansa’s naivete is coded  be so girly that she pisses a lot of people off, that combined with people’s perception of her not being Good Enough For House Stark makes her a convenient scapegoat for shit out of her control. Worse than that, she gets all sorts of asshole death and rape threats — in what universe is that remotely appropriate??!?!


ohmyglobitsjackie asked: I've been going through the Fleetwood Mac discography (so much music!). What are your favorite songs and any live songs I should watch out for?



Original psychedelic blues band Fleetwood Mac
(Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, Jeremy Spencer, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, give/take lineup changes)

"My Heart Beat Like A Hammer"
"Shake Your Moneymaker"
"I Loved Another Woman"
"Coming Your Way"
"Like Crying"
"Closing My Eyes"
"Oh Well" ###
"Need Your Love So Bad" ###
"Man Of the World"
"Green Manalishi"
"Black Magic Woman" ###
Desert island album: Then Play On if you prefer psychedelia, Fleetwood Mac 1968 if you got the blues

Transitional quirky California rock outfit Fleetwood Mac
(Danny Kirwan, Jeremy Spencer, Bob Welch, Christine McVie, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, give/take)
"Station Man" #
"Earl Gray"
"Woman of 1000 Years"
"Morning Rain"
"Future Games" ###
"Sands of Time" ###
"Child of Mine"
"Homeward Bound"
"Spare Me A Little Of Your Love"
"Believe Me"
"Hypnotized" ###
"The Way I Feel"
"Why" ###
"Bermuda Triangle"
"Bad Loser"
"Prove Your Love"
Desert island album: Bare Trees for the mystical Danny Kirwan or Mystery To Me for the underrated Welch/McVie combination

Blockbuster immaculate pop group Fleetwood Mac
(Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, give/take)

"Blue Letter"
"Say You Love Me"
"Over My Head"
"Landslide" ###
"Never Going Back Again"
"Go Your Own Way" ###
"The Chain" ###
"You  Make Loving Fun"
"Oh Daddy"
"Gold Dust Woman"
"The Ledge"
"Think About Me"
"Sisters of the Moon"
"Brown Eyes"
"I Know I’m Not Wrong"
"Beautiful Child"
"Tusk" ###
"Never Forget Tonight"
"That’s Alright"
"Big Love"
"Little Lies"
"Destiny Rules"
Desert island album: Rumours. Hype and all.



I have to disclose that I don’t really get what makes a great live blues cut except a hell of a lot of energy, and more importantly I haven’t explored the Peter Green era as well. But Live In Boston (released in 1985, not 2004) is not a bad place to start for them. There are a bunch of “Green Manalishi” “Oh Well” performances on Youtube as well, also “Albatross” and perhaps a few others but I’m not really sure how well rated they are.

I don’t really keep up with Fleetwood Mac bootlegs, actually, so my knowledge of them live is pretty spotty anyway, especially for the middle era. Youtube has this video of the Welch/McVie-led group appearing on the 1973 Midnight Special performing "Miles Away" and "Believe Me" and it’s pretty awesome to me.

Early on the Buckingham-Nicks version of the band did do some of the middle-era songs, from their 1975 show at Largo you can hear them doing “Station Man”, “Hypnotized" and "Why”. Their own “Blue Letter" from that show is a lot of fun too. Elsewise …

"I’m So Afraid" (1970s, ie Rosebud docu 1976)
"Rhiannon" (1970s, ie Rosebud docu 1976(?)) ###
"Gold Dust Woman" (ie Japan 1975)
"Angel" (Tusk tour docu 1979)
 ”Don’t Let Me Down Again" (1982’s Live or early Buckingham Nicks shows on YT/bootlegs)
"Sisters of the Moon" (Mirage tour 1982 — people swear up and down by this though it’s not my personal favorite, can’t deny Stevie here though)
Big Love" (1997’s The Dance or after, also Letterman 1998)
Say You Love Me" (1997’s The Dance)
Silver Springs" (1997’s The Dance - video is a MUST) ###
"Say Goodbye" (Soundstage 2005)


Another track I really recommend is not a live cut, its’ a demo. A lot of Stevie nicks’ songs were better as demos than as their eventual album incarnations, and a really infamous example is what is called the “angry demo” of “Smile At You” (download here, try not to stream directly! :)).

It may seem like I love Stevie Nicks way more than anyone else in Fleetwood Mac, when I really only like her a little more ;) I’m pretty limited in exposure to what other people make available and that inevitably tends to slant more towards Stevie. But this is just a starting point, it’s obviously limited by my personal tastes, but it is a start! If I think of more, especially good live cuts, I’ll make another post.

  • Hasbro: Let's make a new MLP cartoon for all the little girls to enjoy!
  • College Age Guys: Hey, this show is pretty cool!
  • Hasbro: Wow, you guys weren't our intended demographic, but that's cool! We'll just throw in some references that will make you feel more included and here, have some cool merchandise we know you'll like!
  • College Age Guys: Wow, thanks!
  •  ~meanwhile~
  • Warner Brothers: Let's make some new DC cartoons for all the little boys to enjoy!
  • College Age Ladies: Hey, these shows are pretty cool!
  • Warner Brothers: WELP. Looks like no one likes these shows, guess we'll just have to cancel them.
  • College Age Ladies: WAIT! We like them! And we'd love merchandise to show our support!
  • Warner Brothers:'re not little boys, why should we listen to you?

So I did this thing here

Name: —

Western Star Sign: Sagittarius (the archer)

Chinese Zodiac (Animal): Rat (the artistic)

Western Element: Fire (desire)

Chinese Element: Wood (mù)

Planet: Jupiter (temperate)

Yin-Yang Symbol: Yang

Celtic Druid Zodiac: Fig tree (the sensible)

Birthstone: Turquoise (creativity)

Divine Number: 4 (the manager)

Season: Fall

Divine Color: Maroon (the instinctive)

Day of the Week: Monday

The White Queen's attempted rape scene: producers respond to criticism 


The White Queen, which is a historical dramatisation of the War of the Roses, often gets compared to Game of Thrones, which was loosely based on similar events (though obviously GOT takes inspiration from multiple sources and isn’t historical at all, but a fantastical and mythical world). Usually, these comparisons contain gendered criticisms and an air of snobbery and disdain aimed at The White Queen; for example, “the sex isn’t as adventurous,” and “this is Game of Thrones for women, therefore it’s not as good.”

Whether those critiques are valid (hint: they’re not) is a debate for another time. The point is that my friend and I thought that this response to criticism of the attempted rape scene in question was very thoughtful on the part of the producers.  It’s especially interesting to note that they thought about how to shoot it in a way that didn’t condone what was happening or portray the attempted rape as titillating. The sexual violence on GOT tends to be portrayed in a titillating manner, so it’s nice to see a production taking responsibility and actually considering the implications of such a scene.

Alright poll time! 

(If you haven’t finished yet, come back when you can answer!) Where does Season 6 of Mad Men rank on your list of Mad Men seasons? Favorite? Least favorite? Somewhere in between?


So many things about Stevie Nicks that you love

Her friendships with women

Some of these women have inspired our lady to write some of the best songs ever written, and I know I have forgotten someone, I don’t really have any HQ pics of these two together but here she is


Poets in her heart, Sisters of the Moon, Nightbirds, Gypsies with brave wild hearts… Muses.


Happy ending AU - Game of Thrones
In which the Freys never betray the Starks and Tullys, so Roslin moves to Riverrun with Edmure where they get to know each other.
… also, there’s plenty of river-splashing quality time.


Happy ending AU - Game of Thrones

In which the Freys never betray the Starks and Tullys, so Roslin moves to Riverrun with Edmure where they get to know each other.

… also, there’s plenty of river-splashing quality time.

"We don’t have a culture of realistic acting in India. Our films still are influenced by Parsi theater. Parsi theater was known for melodrama. So even in today’s time, it still carries that melodramatic aspect; it’s still there in our cinema. … It’s all about emotions, and you just have to project your emotions; you don’t have to behave in a realistic way, you don’t have to be believable, you just have to mesmerize the audience with histrionics. … We don’t have any ‘school’ like you have here. You have teachers like Stanislavsky who developed their own techniques and their own way of teaching people how to go about doing a role or performing a role realistically. We have no techniques, so it’s like trial and error. You find your own method. You try things, you learn things by doing it."  - Irrfan Khan on learning acting in India (via nprfreshair)