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You make these posts and I do this sort of pathetic laugh/weep sound. They’re making me hate Robb, when he was sort of too low key to form an opinion on in the books. Oh Catelyn my Catelyn.

I don’t hate Robb, I mean I vastly prefer him in the books and thought that in the show he came off as a bit of a selfish asshole when he was like “MOM YOU’RE GROUNDED NOW IDGAF IMMA MARRY TALISA SHE’S HAWT OKAY”.

But what I actually hate is how the show worships the shit coming out of his poophole while kicking Cat’s ass to the curb and thinking it’s totally okay and NBD and spinning it as “sound changes to accommodate for the new medium” and trotting their female stars out and about and doing round-table interviews desperately trying to convince the media/fanbase how ZOMG feminist!!!! they totally are (I mean totally, they totally are, I mean they LIKE women, they really totally LIKE Martin’s women, totally! Don’t mistake them, they totally like women! Go women!!11).

How stupid do you think I am? It’s bad enough to pull that shit, it’s worse that they expect their feeble spin to convince people.

Then again, the entirety of the WiCnet community seems to lap it all up. So what do I know. 

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